Her dreams spans far beyond where it started in 1989.  Gingerbread Land Inc. is now comprised of seven housing units located on Milwaukee's Urban East Side.  The units are currently occupied by recovering drug addicts, persons with physical and mental disabilities, and several people in need of temporary shelter. 

It has been a safe haven for many of the residents as they all attend church at Love Tabernacle Church (Gingerbread Land's main office) where Sister Clara ministers the word of God.

Monetary donations can be mailed to

Gingerbread Land Inc. P.O. Box 72043 Milwaukee, WI 53212-2043. 

Please note, all donations are greatly needed and appreciated.

Unfortunately in order for Sister Clara to make her dream a reality, Gingerbread Land must first reopen its doors.  The main office is currently closed as we work to do repairs.  Our primary objective is to repair the roof so we can start renovating other areas.  We are seeking monetary donations of any amount, commercial material, and man power hours.

Gingerbread Land is planning a project that will expand some of its services by converting part of its main office at 2640 N. 1st Street into a community center.  Among many other programs, the community center will offer food programs, adult literacy and tutoring programs, and a gymnasium for physical education.  The community center will provide Milwaukee's residents a place to eat, a safe place to fellowship, and a place where they can gain valuable life skills.

Friends, please help us!  We urge you to consider supporting our dream for the community center. 

The community center will be an asset to the community as it will help reduce crime by providing the youth a safe place to learn and have fun while providing an alternative to getting into trouble.

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As President (and a former Gingerbread kid myself), I can attest to how Gingerbread Land helps rebuild lives.  I was on a path to destruction before Sister Clara and Gingerbread Land stepped in and provided a safe place for me to go do homework and eat a hot meal.  She taught me what it means to be successful and to lead by example as a Christian.

Mission Statement:

"To be a beacon of love and hope to all while instilling a sense of worth, personal growth, and Christian values in the undeserved people in the City of Milwaukee, while providing food, shelter, and clothing for the needy"


To be a beacon of love and hope to all